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My Writing Playlist

I find it difficult to write without music. This could be because my first successful serious attempt at writing took place last summer while I was still living at home. I’d always dabbled in writing but I re-read Stephen King’s … Continue reading

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Catch up

So I was sick for most of last week, which means I didn’t write anything at all and had to forfeit €50 (That I don’t have). I’m behind on my reading now too and I was also desperately attempting to find … Continue reading

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Word Count-O-Meter

I would like to direct your attention to my new word count-o-meter in the sidebar. I read Writing Fiction for Dummies recently and Ingermanson recommends setting a weekly writing goal and a suitable punishment for not reaching that goal. Unemployed … Continue reading

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Bloomsday 2011

  I confess I never finished Ulysses. I got as far as the Wandering Rocks episode (about halfways through) and then college hit an dit wasn’t compulsory so I dropped it. Don’t get me wrong, It’s a brilliant book, it … Continue reading

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Creative Writing Drinking Games

As promised: Alcohol induced literary madness gleaned from the finest corners of the internet! 1. The players in this game stand in a line and each person will say a part of a story. This can be as short as one … Continue reading

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Decisions Decisions…

So I applied for a Creative Writing MA next year. There’s not much choice in Ireland, there’s one in University College Dublin (UCD), Trinity College Dublin (TCD) or Queen’s university Belfast (QUB). Some people argue that there’s one in National … Continue reading

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so this blog died a swift death… Rest In Peace little blog, Rest In Peace. It was probably never a good idea to make a commitment like this coming into my final year of college – unless I can get … Continue reading

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