Short Stories

Mrs Culann’s Dog published in A Thoroughly Good Blue: New Writing From the Oscar Wilde Centre. (I was Associate Editor and Webmaster of this Collection) May 2012

  • eBook: $4.91 – this is a collection of stories form emerging writers. The first half of my story is part of the free sample. I was Associate Editor and Webmaster for this collection.
  • There is a free download of me reading my story on
  • Print edition now available for purchase

Symposium Longlisted for the RTÉ Guide/Penguin Ireland Short Story Award August 2012


‘Matador’, ‘Confession Box’, ‘The Night the Heat Ran Out’ The Spaces Between: Collected Poems. 2010.

‘Revelations’, ‘The Itch’ Sentinel. Nov 2011


“A Move Towards the Posthuman: The Performance of Androgynous Characters in Popular Music” presented at the DRHEA undergraduate Conference 2011

“Does the Truth Set you Free? Imagination as a Narrative Trope in The Butcher Boy and In America”  presented at the 1st annual DRHEA undergraduate Conference 2010


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