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I’m moving… (also Technologically Illiterate)

So… I’ve moved on to a new address. This is awkward… What’s it been, like, 6 months? You’re looking well… How’s your family? I took a hiatus from the blog in order to buy my own URL and get it … Continue reading

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REVIEW: My Summer Reads

So I recently spent a week abroad. I don’t do so good on sun holidays because I burn easily enough in Ireland and I like doing stuff instead of lying down, which I do quite frequently at home for free. … Continue reading

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Writing Related Procrastination

I admit that these activities are only very tangentially related to writing but they’re two rather simple websites I’ve found that will give you incredibly true vital statistics about your work in progress that could change the course of your … Continue reading

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Preliminary illustration for ‘Rapeseed’

My little younger sister sketched this the other day. She hasn’t finished reading Rapeseed yet but in the space of five minutes (no exaggeration) she doodled this. I got really excited and took a picture with my phone to put up here … Continue reading

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REVIEW: ‘Once More With Footnotes’ by Terry Pratchett

I don’t normally read short story collections. I read plenty of short stories but it’s only recently, since foraying into short story writing territory myself, that I find myself reading collections from cover to cover. I used to discriminate, read the shorter … Continue reading

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My Writing Playlist

I find it difficult to write without music. This could be because my first successful serious attempt at writing took place last summer while I was still living at home. I’d always dabbled in writing but I re-read Stephen King’s … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones Fatigue

So Season 2 is drawing to a close. What have we learned? Peter Dinklage is awesome (not that we needed to be reminded), this season is much less anchored without Sean Bean, and boobies solve everything. Awhile ago I wrote … Continue reading

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Book Launch

My class is finally launching the print version of our anthology this Thursday. everybody is invited: On the night there will be wine (lots of that), readings (plenty – everyone is reading a 2 minute section from their piece in the … Continue reading

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Malling-Hansen Writing Ball

I. Want. One. I just discovered the Malling-Hansen Writing Ball and I have never wanted something as much in my life. It’s so beautiful, and steampunk and just damn cool. It might take ten times longer but imagine writing a … Continue reading

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I Quit

So I took part in the GoodReads Reading Challenge last year and without thinking I signed up again this year. It is only now, five months into it, that I realise exactly why I didn’t like it: I already read … Continue reading

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