About Me


This is a blog full of ramblings on my experience writing and the quest to get published, book reviews, studying and any other things I can think of.

Here’s a bit about myself (not that you asked). I’m from County Meath and I studied English and classics in NUI Maynooth. I just finished an M. Phil in Creative Writing in the Oscar Wilde Centre, Trinity College, Dublin. I’m currently looking for work to keep the wolves from the door and the electricity on so I can keep writing.

I read and write anything, including poetry, drama, short and long prose, horror, literary and speculative fiction. But I’ll always prefer prefer fantasy and science fiction. I am also interested in videogames, painting, drawing, RPGs and swimming. The Header for this blog is a painting I did in 2010 for the cover of The Spaces Between: Collected Poems.

I recently completed my first novel, Rapeseed, which I hope to get published. I have started drafting a second novel provisionally titled The Waiting Place.  I live off coffee and frequently fall asleep at mykeyboard.

I can be contacted at katiemcdermott01[at]mail[dot]com.

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